Tuesday, 23 August 2016

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Manisha Jayantibhai Bajaniya
In Gujarat 40 of the 144 communities that feature in the State Government’s list of socially and educationally backward communities are from the Nomadic and De-notified Tribes. Out of these 12 communities are first generation learners. Whereas in few other communities the educational scenario is so distressing that one can count the number of 10th standard pass children on finger tips. 14 of these NT and DNT communities are extremely marginalized and in need of special impetus for development.

Manisha Bajaniya belongs to one of the 14 extremely marginalised nomadic communities. Bajaniya is a fairly large and wide-spread community but survives under primitive and regressive social practices and ills. Illiteracy, unemployment, child marriages, ignorance are just few of the challenges these community reels under. Education is not seen as obligatory within this community while girl child education is absolutely unheard of and child marriages are a norm. 

Jayantibhai’s father was a visionary, his devotion compelled Jayantibhai to complete his education till 10th grade.

He started working with a private company as electric fitter with salary of Rs.3000/-. Meanwhile he came in contact with VSSM during the different activities & programme we conduct for the betterment of Nomadic communities, he started taking an active role & volunteer the developments of these communities , as he has never witness any organisation working for improving the living standard of his community. 

His children started studying in hostels operated by VSSM, with his marginal income he contributed towards the different activities assigned by VSSM, such as helping to obtain Ration Card of Nomadic community, filling Voters ID card and many more.

His helping nature coddle his community people, they started visiting him at his home and our generous Jayantibhai spend his handful income to treat them. Sometimes they visited him at odd hours and in huge numbers, the factory owner objected & considered it as an offense.

Considering Jayantibhai’s dedication towards the aim for betterment of Nomadic people, we offered him to join us, he readily joined the team accepting whatever little remuneration VSSM than offered. His devotion and commitments are high compared to the small rewards we pay him.

VSSM cannot afford to pay competitive salaries to its team so as an organisation we take care of the education of the children of our team members. Hence, all 4 kids of Jayantibhai study in VSSM operated hostels. Manisha is the youngest amongst her siblings. Presently she is studying in 5th Grade in H.B.Kapadia School , Ahmedabad. 

Manisha’s enthusiasm and passion to do better is reflected in her all round development and her participation in various co-curricular activities. She tops in sports, especially in running competition in her school, her hostel mates & friends affectionately call her ‘Milkha’.

Manisha was enrolled in our hostel since last year. She was average in her studies, our karyakars took extra efforts & with personal tuitions she matched with other fellow students. Presently showing improving her performance.

Here we would like to express our gratitude towards Shri. Sanjay R. Shah Charitable Foundation, Mumbai, was referred to us by our well-wisher, donor and friend Shri. Atulbhai Ambavat, under our child sponsorship program - sponsored Manisha for her complete education expense, until she wants to study.

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