Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A Saraniya girl rising from the shadow of nomadic life with help of VSSM

Child Name : Pinkle Kantibhai Saraniya
Sponsor         : Ms. Shrutiben Ambavat

Pinkle Kantibhai Saraniya, the youngest daughter of kantibhai.
Kantibhai was engaged in buffalo trading business, with marginal capital investment he barely managed to feed his family, sometimes he has to go without any work. In such crucial situations he used to work on daily wages in Palanpur. He was the sole earning person for such a huge family. 

He had strong desire to educate his kids, he approached VSSM and requested to support his daughters for education. VSSM understood his plea & took entire education responsibilities of his children, Till now we have educated his daughters in different hostels . Since this year his children are studying in our Vatsalya Hostel & Unnati Hostel.

Pinkle has an elder sister & two brothers Sendho & Khemo. Sendho is promoted to 10th class, he has scored good in 9th class. He is a brilliant student & continues to stay at our hostel for further studies. He has gained maturity at very young age, understands the self-esteem of life. 
Kantibhai desires, likewise her two brothers Pinkle should also be educated.  

Earlier government schools were out of reach from the settlements where kantibhai stayed with his family. He did not had enough heart to allow his little daughter to walk miles to attend school in Palanpur. Ultimately he convinced to send Pinkle to our Unnati Hostel, Ahmedabad. She was admitted in 4th grade, she was an average student , our team worked dedicated to improve her studies , presently she is stuying in 5th grade. In H.B. Kapadia School. 

Pinkle is a twinkling star, very mischievous, yet adorable. She has a goal acquire education and be successful in life. She has not yet decided what field she may choose. But surely she aims high.  Her brother Sendho regularly guides her in her studies.

Pinkle’s desire to study & Kantibhai’s dream to see his daughter educated was conveyed to our well-wisher Ms. Shrutiben Ambavat though VSSM’s friend Shri. Atulbhai Ambavat. Under our child sponsorship program, Shrutiben readily agreed to sponsor Pinkle for her complete education expense, until she wants to study.

VSSM along with our hostel children will always be grateful to Shrutiben & our society of likeminded well-wishers for being associated with us to develop the next educated generation of Nomadic communities.

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