Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Right of every nomadic child to be educated - A mission of VSSM

Priyanka Bajaniya : a Sponsored child by Shri
Sanjay R. Shah Charitable Foundation
Child Name : Pinky Kanubhai Bajaniya
Sponsor: Shri. Sanjay R. Shah Charitable Foundation.

The extremely lively and inquisitive Pinky Bajaniya is a 5th grade student staying with VSSM’s Unnati girls hostel. Pinky hails from one of the most marginalised nomadic communities the 'Bajaniya'. Crumbling livelihoods, ignorance, illiteracy, child -marriages, medieval mindsets and orthodox social practices are some of the factors plaguing this community that continues to survive in shackles of extreme poverty. Under such conditions there are girls like Pinky who have began receiving education and promise of a better tomorrow.

Pinky’s father Kanubhai Bajaniya could study till 4th grade only. Like all in their community, he and his wife too have lived a wandering life finding refuge on footpaths or pavements, working as labourers through the day to raise their 4 children. The daily toil Kanubhai undertook,  made him realise the importance of education. He had decided very early to educate all his 4 kids and give them a better life then his. So determined was he that inspite of his wife’s resistance he enrolled all his 4 children in VSSM hostels. The opposition by his wife was so intense that the couple would end up fighting on the matter. Kanubhai too has been victim of the practice of child-marriage and the couple had four kids very early into their marriage. He was aware that had his parents made different choices his fate would have been different and hence  was determined  not repeating the mistakes his parents had made and provide better opportunities to his children.  He went against the will of his entire family and enrolled his two daughters  Pinky and Varsha at Unnati hostel.

Kanubhai has always been a hard worker. He consider the problems of other as his own. Looking at his dedication and compassion  we asked him to join the grassroots team of VSSM. At present he works with the nomadic communities settled in Rajkot. VSSM cannot afford to pay competitive salaries to its team so as an organisation we take care of the education of the children of our team members. Hence, all 4 kids of Kanubhai study in VSSM hostels.

We talked about Pinky to our dear friend Shri. Atulbhai Ambavat. He referred us to   Shri. Sanjay R. Shah Charitable Foundation. The trust agreed to sponsor educational expenses of 3 girls as long as they continue to study. Pinky is one of these 3 girls.

Pinky has been enrolled in H. B. Kapadia High School one of the leading private schools of Ahmedabad. She dreams of giving a better life to her parents once she completes her study.

“I want my children to study well and be role models in our community. They should inspire other children from our community to receive education and help eradicate practices like child-marriages from our community. Only then will my community really shine,”  Kanubhai’s opinion.

We are thankful to Shri. Sanjay R. Shah Charitable Foundation for the support they have extended to help Pinky and us to realise her dream…..

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