Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take away from you. Inspires VSSM to develop 1st educated generation of nomadic community...

Sonali (alias Sonal) is a happy and vivacious little girl living with her family in a village of Banaskantha. Her life today is a remarkable example of a father aiming high for his children.

Sonal is the youngest daughter of Ratabhai, her mother is a home maker, Ratabhai’s though belongs to nomadic community and brought up with traditional impartialities of gender and discrimination insolences, his revolutionary attitude makes us all proud of him.
Sonali Ratabhai Saraniya sponsored by
Smt. Alpaben and Ahri Atulbhai Ambavat
Ratabhai works as daily wager in farm, earnings, spending, savings was restricted, but dreams were unlimited. Sonal was studying in 1st grade at her village school. Ratabhai had strong desire to educate his kids, he approached VSSM and requested to support his daughter’s education. VSSM understood his plea & took entire education responsibilities of his children. 

Sonal is studying in 3rd grade in H.B.Kapadia School, Ahmedabad, she stays at our Unnati Girls hostel. This little twinkling eye girl is just so shy nature and very innocent. Her remarkable quality is her attitude to learn things very fast, she likes to jumps on swing , she likes to twist herself on the see-saw, she loves to draw , recently she won in a drawing completion in her school. Mischievous yet adorable, Sonal’s entire education expenses are sponsored by Smt. Alpaben & Shri Atulbhai Ambavat.

Sonal has a goal to acquire, to be educated and successful in life. She has not yet decided what field she may choose. But surely she aims high.  Her brother Kiran is staying in VSSM’s Vatsalya Hostel & studying in a premier school.

Alpaben and Atulbhai are truly Friends and representative of VSSM, through their social and professional network as both being famous CA practitioner, they support our work & create awareness in society of likeminded well-wishers for being associated with us to develop the next educated generation of Nomadic communities.

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