Monday, 25 July 2016


Raziya Pathan : A sponsored child by Shri Sanjay
R. Shah Charitable Foundation
Raziya’s mother Heenaben hails from Saraniya community and  married into a muslim family. Hence it is Raziya Rafiqbhai Pathan.  Heenaben happens to be Rafiqbhai’s second wife. While Rafiqbhai stays with his first wife in the town of Vav Raziya and her two brothers say with their mother in the city of Palanpur. There is no bitterness between two families. Rafiqbhai runs a garage but sustaining two families on the limited income that he earns from a  motor garage has always been difficult. Heenaben has been left to single handedly raise her children by working as domestic help in Palanpur. She has always desired to educate all her children well, so inspite of staying in a shanty near a highway she ensures her kids  go to school by not thrusting  them to earn and support the family. She has always desired to see Raziya studies really well and gets to lead a better life. VSSM’s Shardaben has always stood by Heenaben. Thus last year when Raziya reached 4th standard she was brought to Ahmedabad where she is  enrolled in H. B. Kapadia School and stays with VSSM’s Unnati hostel. A calm, focused and studious Raziya has adjusted well to the hostel life and is doing good at the school too.
Raziya with her medal - a winning
child of school sports competition

A couple of months back in March 2016, a well-wishing friend of VSSM  took the girls of Unnati hostel for an exposure trip to Mumbai. All the girls flew to Mumbai, it was one jolly good trip for them, a life changing trip that offered them life time of experiences. It was for the first time the girls had experience of visiting such large large city, experienced flying and  travelling on a train.  But the experience of flying also ignited some aspirations for Raziya who  now aspires to be an Air hostess. This little bundle is so determined that she has also began inquiring further on  what will she have to study to become an air hostess!!! And she has began putting in her efforts to attain her dream to fly high!!

Shri. Sanjay R. Shah Charitable Foundation has taken up the responsibility to support Raziya's complete educational  expense.

VSSM also wishes Raziya lives her dream and is able to proudly take her mother and brothers for an airplane ride…….

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